Move Over Lite Imposters

July 2, 2016 by
Move Over Lite Imposters

As Creative Director for Commonground, a scrappy young start-up in Chicago, our client at Miller Brewing Company asked us to create something that looked like a superfan would create.

He wanted something that would have talk value at the water cooler.

I came up with an idea that started from a project we did from radio using acronyms. At the end of the radio spot I used, “B.Y.O.B.” Because you’re over, Bud. This was the perfect line for the brand to take a dig at its #1 competitor. However it was the heroic bravado that led me to the concept of a super hero defending our taste buds against the battle for ultimate thirst quenching supremacy.

This webseries idea led me to start writing screenplays.

Miller Lite to the Rescue